solar power lights

project four

hi again in addition to the solar panels im making solar lights for the deck

in the garden

as the old lighting was burning up 30 watts

so i got some l e ds light emitting diodes and resisters to make my own

Emitted Colour White

Size (mm) 10 mm

Forward Voltage (V) < = 4.5

Reverse Current (uA) < = 50

Luminous Intensity Typ Iv (mcd) 13000-15000

Life Rating 100,000 Hours

Viewing Angle 40 Degree

Absolute Maximum Ratings ( Ta = 25C )

Max Power Dissipation PM = 80 mw

Max Continuous Forward Current IFM = 30 mA

Max Peak Forward Current IFP =75 mA

Reverse Voltage 5 ~ 6 V

Lead Soldering Temperature 240 C ( < 5 Sec )

Operating Temperature Range - 25 C ~ + 85 C

Preservative Temperature Range - 30 C ~ + 100 C

resisters 1/4 watt 510 ohm

useing this resister allows me to conect to 12v with no problems

L.E.D with resister solderd on

useing 12 L.E.Ds on the deck at 80mw

im only useing 960mw thats less than 1watt for all 12 L.E.Ds

compared with the 6 x 5 watt bulbs I had in before at 30 watts total

a big drop in power used

testing the output light from the L.E.D of the solar panel

( this was inside the house with no direct sun light)

as you can see thay are bright and give out a good light

fixed in the light fittings

I put in 2 to give a better light pattern on the deck

the cover back on

it looks like a propper bell now with clappers :)

the L.E.Ds powerd up

( ooooww my clappers are glowing hehehe)

these are the solar panels on the shed roof

thats going to power the solar light and the main light in the shed too

there are 5 cells 3 on the top panel and 2 on the bottom panel

each cell is rated as 17v 5 watt totel of 25 watts

the test previous was only done on 1 cell inside the house with no sun on it

just normal day light in the room