Homemade solar panel


hi there again addition to the wind turbine IM now making

solar panels

here is the 1st panel IM making

I got 72 solar cells 0.55 V / 2200 MA (2.2A) to make 2 small panels

44 watts each

here is one of the cells>>>>

the size is 5 in x 2 1/2 in ... (125mm x 63mm)


well now I got my cells I need to put them on a board

so I used laminated floor boarding that lock together

and its water proof

after gluing them together I sprayed them black


now for soldering them together I used 6mm copper tape

which has one sticky side to stick to the board.

Bending 6mm over so it sticks to its self makes a good soldering tab

as in pic below

now soldering the tabs to the cell was a delicate job

so I practised on a damaged cell first

just a small dab of solder was needed on the cell first

then put the made tab on top of the solder spot and just let it melt on with the soldering iron

job done :)

now 36 to go :)

after soldering 36 tabs on to the cells I glued the cells to the board

in the format I wanted 4 cells x 9 cells was OK keeping the panel square

within in (50mm)

now all the cells are in place the tab of one cell had to be soldered to the top of the next cell

and so on as the back of the cell is _neg and the top is +pos

so each cell in like a battery - to + as you put them in a flash light (torch in England :)

after 2 hours of soldering job done

now for testing

I put on a test meter and got 20.3volts

wow kick ass power :)

just for extra testing I put a 12v 5w light bulb across the panel

and it lights up :)

here is a close up

had to be quick the dam bulb got hot lol

all there's left to do now is make the frame and put in the glass

them pic's are to come I will put them on later

aaaaarrrrrrrrrwwwwwwwwwww :(

dam blast *********** :(

after all the work I dropped it :( smashed the corner

got to see if I can fix it now


and the board split but I can fix it

so I scraped off the broken cell and copper strip and put on new

and glued the board up it should be OK now

fixed :)

the second cell up from the corner is the one I replaced

and when the glue dried it will be good as new :)

and it powers up just the same

more pics will be on as soon as I get the frame done

if it survives that long heheheh





well it survived and I got the frame made too

I also made a second panel too

the one on the left is the one on this page I made

the one on the right is one I made afterward

there up and running well

on a sunny day they get 3amp charge out of them and its not summer yet


they are rated at 6 amps but will never get that in the UK


well after all

this is the UK

not the Sahara dessert lol

here's why


we are in the 1000-1100 zone