pete's project 2

wind turbine power

every year the electric bill keeps going up and up :(

so I decided to try and do some thing about it:)

battery power wind turbine was the only way I could think of as we live in a windy area it was the only cheap way to bring down them BILLS

after a few experiments of different things I finished

with this way.

One wind turbine 12v 33A output max

air-x model

I got a good deal off ebay:)lol

next I needed a pole to mount it on !!!!

one at work so asked the boss ( David)

if I could have it?

he said every thing has a price!!!

10p he said ( 20c in American money )

:)lol SOLD I said

so now I have my pole :)

now I needed a battery so I got a 110A for trial but found out it wasn't big enough :( only lasts a few hours

so was hunting around for a bigger one !!

at work my boss was putting a fork truck battery in the auction just to to get rid of it

and it didn't sell

this was a 24 cell battery but I only needed 6 cells

to make a 12v battery

each cell is 2v X6=12v and around 700-800amp's a cell


so I asked him again and told him what I needed it for !! 10p he said sold I said :)

having getting them home.

After my car looking like a speed boat racing home with head lights beaming up to heaven and breaking my back getting them out the car .

I linked then together as pic

using 22mm copper piping flattened out

and 2x 8mm holes in it to bolt them in place

to use as a bus bar linking all 6 cells together


now I put them on charge for 3 days seeing they've not been used for 10 years:}

I didn't know if they was going to hold their

charge or not!!!!

but for 10p it was worth a gamble lol:)

after 3 days the voltage was up to 13.5v

so I took them off charge and hooked up my 12vdc input 600w 230v ac output power inverter

and plugged in a lamp stand with 3 light bulbs in it

and left it running to find out how long it would last!!

1 week later I turned it off as it was running for

8 days 24 hours a day non stop and was still going :)

I knew by now it was going to be big enough

so test was over:)

now I had to get them into the loft

luck has it we had new heating put in last year so the

water tank was taken out

so we did not need the big water tank that was in the loft so the battery's stood on the base where the

water tank was as it was a 50 gallon tank it was an ideal place to put the battery's as they are heavy

as in pic

now I had to hook up the wiring

where the hell do I start????lol

1st I needed to change the power from

main to battery power if ever the battery's went dead.

Or the main power went out.

So I got a 20amp change over switch.

On\off\on switching format.

( On= main power--OFF isolate-- on= battery power.

Also a consumer unit 2 gang with breaker.

After turning off the main power

I took out the two lighting circuits out of the old

consumer unit and put them

in the new consumer unit on 6amp breakers.

Then I replaced the

6amp breaker in the old consumer unit

what the lights was on

with a 15amp one.

Using this breaker I linked

it up to one side of the change over switch

using this as my main feed.

Now the feed from my

inverter which now is a 1500w

one as I upgraded

linked up to the other side of the

change over switch using this as my

battery power main feed from the inverter.

As pic


now I got in the AC power side the DC power

had to be connected.

Using a 65amp cable

the + pos cable from the turbine connected to the turbine off switch this switch shorts the turbine

so it stops spinning .

see fig 2

so maintenance can be carried out on the turbine

when in the on position it carries the current to the amp meter .

from the amp meter to the

50amp DC breaker and from the breaker to the 50amp fuse

just before the battery

then to the battery 180amp disconnect switch.

The - neg cable goes straight to the

neg terminal on the battery.

The inverter connected to the the battery by the

- neg terminal and for the + pos

the battery disconnect switch so it can be

disconnected safely for servicing

full wiring spec

after fitting the turbine to the wall

of the house I found it was a little

noisy from vibration down the wall

inside the house so I will have to fit

rubber mountings to the brackets

to stop this.

As from the noise outside the house

all we hear is a swishshshsh from the blades.

Rubber mountings have now been fitted

to the brackets.

And its as quiet as a mouse:)

had to fit a safety chain to the brackets.

Just encase the rubbers give out over time.

Each rubber mount is rated at 120kg (approx. 264lb )

X4 each bracket =480kg (1056lb )

X2 brackets

if these don't hold I don't know what will lol