Wii hack

well i'm here again with anothewr project

got my self a ARGON chip today so i can reprogram my wii console

to read back up disks

after doing a lot of reading on the net about this project i found that this was the best way

after doing some damage to my wii :(

i thought i would share my doom and gloom as well as my joy in this project

after reading one site on how to wire up the chip to the wii dvd drive

i got solder over the pins and couldnt get it out from under the chip :(

so had to get a new dvd drive board and start over

here is the board after i took off the damaged chip

this resulted in the wrong size soldering iron tip and solder

as the conections are very tiny ( 0.5mm apart )

useing a 3mm tip is not good :( as i found out

so i got a new soldering iron with a 0.122mm tip and some 0.6mm solder

if you can get some smaller solder i would if i was you as this was still a little on the large side

but worked with a very steady hand.

as the old board came in very handy with the chip removed as i could see where the tracking lead

so i could solder the wires from under the chip.

as this is a 2 sided board i could solder on the other side instead.

.instead to the pins on the chip

making a better and safer job of it :)


here is the board after maping out the tracking and where all the connections are to be made.

the ARGON chip has letters on it

as it is easy to follow on this pic.

now connections RST . B. F . G . I . C . D . E . H

are all under the chip

so these connections have to be made on the opposite side of the board so

here is the pic of that

having poking a very fine wire through the holes i could find the connection on the opposite side

and draw it on this pic for reference in pink..



now to make the connections i used a very fine wire


as in pic

now after soldering the argon chip in place

there is a jtag flat cable that connects to the programmer

INJECTUS PROGRAMMER JTAG ( Simple USB Attachment which plugs into Argon with Packaged Cable

this is only aprox 30mm long ( 1 1/4 in )

it is a USB connection to the PC

so you can program the ARGON chip

from downloaded firmware


on putting the wii console back together

thread the jtag like this

folding the jtag and tape it in place

so it lines up with the wii mem slots like this

now thead it though the casing like this

leaving just enough of the jtag out side of the casing to connect the


job done :)

now to program the chip

i down loaded the program for loading the firmware 1.2 1.3 1.4beta and 1.5beta 1.6

if you need them to use for yours, down load them here

i just found the new ARGON 1.8 firmware but not tried it yet

Now to back up your game disks you will need a dvd drive that reads wii game dvds

i am useing the LG GDR-8164B USB

its a old drive but it reads wii disks:)

theres not many drives that will read so check before you try useing the one you have in your PC

because it may not work :(

you will also need a dumping program.

rawdump is what i use

its here if you need it ;)

and to burn the image to disk in a iso format you will need a program

i use imgburn

i found it best to burn the images on a dvd+rw with a speed 0f 2.4x

the slower the better

dvd+r dont work well at all

so pay a little more and get a better outcome

so happy burning

if you have any Q

i will be glad to help

contact : pete@marpet2003.com

please no junkmail it will only go in the bin

so dont waste your time :)